NCS Syndrome (Toxic/allergic reaction to different dental materials)

                                List of known chemicals in Dental Materials that cause NCS Syndrome.

                                Test Cases for those poisoned by Dental materials.

                                Lichen Planus (Pictures of a result of allergy/poisoning from dental materials)

                                Root Canal Materials listed in MSDS Sheets that cause problems - Biopsied locations of materials

                                FAST FACTS of Dentistry   - More Info

                                Dental Materials that are allergenic that we are not being warned about. - Video on Dental Allergies

                                Video on Facts of Root Canals  --  Also Video on Mercury (One of many toxins in fillings)

                                Video on Root Canals from Dr Mercola   -  DENTAL TOXICITY Review

                                Toluene (A main poison in dental materials causing NCS) - see N-ethyl toluene solfanamide resin (a POISON packaged in an allergen (sulfa based).

                                                      Oral Cancer caused by allergic Dental Materials.

                                Chemicals used in root canal process that are toxic and that you can be allergic to.

                                Meth Users (Toluene in it) (Scroll through to see pictures of people affected)

                                Smoking (Toluene causes shorter lifespan)

                                HONESTY IN DENTISTRY?  See this article.

                                Sanguinine in Viadent Toothpaste/Mouthrinse line causing Oral Luekoplakia

                                Mouth Sores and conditions and their causes

                                Morgellons Disease (Silicone/Silica and High Density Polyethlyene are used in Dentistry)

                                Skin affects of allergic materials on patients (Very good Research)

                                Another Study from NHANES Data about allergy/filling link

                                Connections between Disease and Dental Work

                                Medscape report on metal allergies (All used in dental materials)

                                Neurotoxic affect caused by Root Canal Sealers

                                Isopropyl alcohol - Used in Dentistry and placed in mouth

                                Root canal sealers induce cytotoxicity and necrosis

                              Emedicine condition that may be caused by toluene from root canal liners going into gums/sinuses.

                                Sulfonamide Side Affects (The chemical allergen base used for the delivery of the poison Toluene in Dentistry)

                              People that are atopic may more likely be sulpha sensitive and susceptible to NCS - Emedicine

                                ALLERGY TO ROOT CANAL MATERIALS

                                Latex Allergy

                                National Institute of Health Dental material Allergy cases

                                Atopic link with Dentistry

                                Methacrylate (Also Used in Dentistry and causes problems)

                                Methacrylates in dental restorative materials - Contact Dermatitis ...

Allergic contact dermatitis is a well-known adverse health effect of methacrylates (1), but they also cause respiratory hypersensitivity including asthma ... see above link

                                Sinus problems are mostly to do with allergy - Likely cause from teeth materials.

                                Harvard Dental School verifies link between dental work and sinus problems.

                                Types of Dental Allergy

                                Mouth Battery (University study)

                                Inproper Crown placement/fittings to close to bone causes leakage of cements/fillings

                                Dental Crowns can cause galvanism/health problems.

                                Dental Cements leak!!

                                Root canal sealers leak and dissolve in mouth (See test results)

                                Root Canal Cement allergy Case

                                Root Canal Disinfectant Allergy Case

                                More information about Root Canal leakage/bacteria

                                SODA POP AND ITS Consequences

                                EVIDENCE that all root canals become infected over time

                               Example of toxic affects of root canal material

                              Dental Toxins for the Chemically Sensitive

                              MCS Stories (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity)

                               Dental Materials found in the mouth

                               Mercury Madness - The change in amalgam that increased health problems dramatically

                                Uninformed Consent site - Details of the mercury mess.

                                Allergy Report for Methacrylates

                              Allergic Contact Dermatitis in Dentists and Dental Nurses

                                CROSS REACTIVITY LATEX/FOOD/POLLEN allergy (Gutta Percha and Latex from both from rubber tree)

                                Oral Allergy Syndrome

                                Oral Allergy Syndrome links on net

                                Tomato Allergy (A Main trigger of Oral Allergy Syndrome) - Tomatoes contain nickel and have balsam peru properties.  Symptoms may include pain in gums/teeth where dental materials with the same properties exist.

                                Awesome Allergy sites

                                MCS - Diagram of what happens in MCS - Dental Materials/Work Contain solvents

                                MCS - Results of survey on treatments

                                Dentist Case

                                Allergy to Eugenol - For those with allergy to perfumes/balsam of peru etc.

                                Allergy to Nickel -  Pictures of allergy reactions to Nickel (Used in Dental Crowns and is toxic and causes cancer) California Report1 REPORT 2

                                Nickel Allergy - Watch out for certain foods too!

                                Rosin (Colophony) Allergy also used in Dental Materials

                                Palladium Toxicity

                                Chemicals causing allergy response

                                Dental work large cause of allergy problems.

                                Drugs causing allergy response

        Information on clove/eugenol (see allergy section etc).

                                Canadian Site on skin and allergens

                                Dental Bonding Material Allergy

                                Root Canal Coverup - Story from a Dentist

                                Video of Tooth Ordeal

                                Latex Allergy Sensitization (The problem with powders in dental gloves and materials)

                                        Good article on holistic dentistry

                                        Health problems with Dental Lab Workers (Silicosis in Dental Laboratory Technicians)

                                        Health problems with Dental Lab Workers (Asbestos used in molds when creating metal restorations)

                                        Toxicology vs Allergy in Dentistry